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I am testing AJAX Features in Component Art 3.0. at the moment (you know, that cool new technology which will change the way the web applications are built forever... ;-) ). The technology basically opens the second http connection to web server from javascipt and renders changes directly to the page (Most famous examples are probably google suggest or

Anyway I had a strange problem running component art callback component in my test environment (VS 2003 and Cassini Personal Web Server) and I thought i could save you few debugging hours if you happen to use the same components. The Callback component was working fine when running in IIS, In Cassini I was getting the message "The data couldn't be loaded".

This problem is a security issue: you can only open a http connection from javascript to the url which comes from exactly the same domain: When you use cassini (vs 2005 personal web server has probably the same problem, haven't checked this yet) this url gets resolved (e.g.



which is not the same url, or at least not the same url for browser security patches.

There is a second issue with component art and url management: when the server is running on the different port than port 80, the callbacks are not working as well because component art simply ignores the port number :(.

Until this problem is fixed, try running cassini on port 80 and use the syntax type when calling the page.





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# re: Component Art 3.0. and AJAX Features
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I was testing this Ajax drop down list example and got the same issue. I tried to use the ip address and still get this "data could not be loaded" message. But I have tested other examples and did not get this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
Left by Tharanga on Nov 10, 2005 12:02 AM

# re: Component Art 3.0. and AJAX Features
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You can try to debug java script in A573P191.js, which contains code responsible for client callbacks.

Hope this helps...
Left by Igor Milovanovic on Nov 16, 2005 3:22 PM

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